*31* Brand New British TV Shows Coming to the US in May

This weekend, The Shadow Line turns 13. The seven-part miniseries features Christopher Eccleston, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rafe Spall, Lesley Sharp, and Stephen Rea (among others), and it follows a murder investigation being actively investigated on "both sides of the line". In other words, the cops are investigating at the same time as the criminals.

When drugs baron Harvey Wratten and his nephew are released from prison on a Royal Pardon, it's believed they got out by offering up information. Harvey is executed driving away from the prison, and in the aftermath we get to see the investigation conducted by Harvey's henchman and a police officer.

In the US, you can watch for free (with ads) on Freevee, Pluto, or The Roku Channel.

31 Brand New British TV Shows Coming to the US in May - May is a busy, busy month for brand new British TV shows - with an average of one new show every day, including new McDonald & Dodds and a new season of The Outlaws.

New & Upcoming

  • On BritBox, May 3rd brought Reilly, Ace of Spies (1983 miniseries) and season 1 of the sitcom Stath Lets Flats. On the 6th, they'll add season 3 of Lovejoy. On the 7th, the three-part docuseries The Other Mrs. Jordan will follow the manhunt for a bigamist and conman who spent years eluding authorities. On the 12th, look for their coverage of the BAFTA TV awards hosted by Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan.
  • On Acorn TV, the 6th brings new episodes of Murdoch Mysteries and Brokenwood Mysteries, along with the premiere of The Ipcress File and The Night Caller.
  • On PBS Masterpiece, Maryland will premiere on May 5th. The three-part drama follows two sisters brought back together by the death of their mother and the discovery of her secret life on the Isle of Man.
  • On Netflix, May 9th will bring the premiere of Bodkin, a new mystery-dramedy set in the fictional town of Bodkin, Ireland. When a group of podcasters investigate a local disappearance, they find something much stranger than they ever could have imagined.
  • On Hulu, season 3 of Welcome to Wrexham was rescheduled for May 3rd after getting bumped from the April schedule.
  • On Amazon Prime, season 3 of Clarkson's Farm premieres in two parts: part 1 on the 3rd, followed by part 2 on the 10th. The reality series follows presenter Jeremy Clarkson as he attempts to make his farm a sustainable, profitable business.

View all the brand new shows coming to US streaming services in May HERE

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We have two ears, but only one mouth; so a good leader will listen twice as much as he shouts.

Teresa, Sharpe

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Recent Casting Notices...

As always, there's much to look forward to. Here are a few more projects in the works with various production companies.

  • The Forsyte Saga - ITV Studios and PBS are behind this new adaptation of the epic drama about the powerful Forsyte family. Behind the money and power lies a deeply troubled family - and this series will follow three generations of Forsytes around the turn of the 20th century. Cast members named so far include Francesca Annis, Jack Davenport, Eleanor Tomlinson, Stephen Moyer, and Tuppence Middleton.
  • Hamnet - This feature film imagines the story of William Shakespeare's wife Agnes as she struggles to come to terms with the loss of her only son, Hamnet.
  • The Loney - This series will adapt Andrew Michael Hurley's novel The Loney, a creepy tale of two brothers on a journey through coastal Lancashire when they become entangled with dark secrets and troubling rites. Stephen King is among those who've praised the novel, and it received the British Book Awards' Book of the Year in 2016.
  • Peaky Blinders - The series might be over, but Peaky Blinders is getting a feature film followup, with production to begin in autumn 2024. The TV story was originally designed to play out over seven series, but the pandemic ruined those plans - so the film is meant to take the place of the seventh series that never happened.

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